What’s That Now? Content Marketing is The New Saviour?

Yesterday I was reading Danny Brown’s blog (one of my favourites!) and came across a very interesting post titled “Sorry, Content Dudes, But It’s Just Plain Old Marketing“. In the posts Danny discusses all the hype around content marketing and its strong proponents. Danny raises the question whether it is content marketing that they are actually doing or just good old plain marketing. His belief is that content is merely a tactic and that at the end of the day the goal is still the same! Making the buyer fall in love with, and selling products, services, or expertise.

But that creation of content is simply a tactic in the bigger picture of marketing. The content is created to market the end product – you’re not marketing the actual content.

I do believe in the power of content to engage your audience, bring value-added benefits, and increase your sales, however, Danny is right; we shouldn’t think of this as a whole new type of marketing that will save the day, it is merely a tactic (and a damn good one) to add to your marketing arsenal. Now this brings me to another concern, have we as marketers become too obsessed with categorizing everything and constantly trying to rebrand ourselves? Are we being too hung up on fads rather than digging for the real meat? Have we started using all these labels to do better marketing, or to market ourselves better? Yes sir, I’m also a content marketing expert!

I guess what I am trying to say is let’s not get too bent out of shape over labels and jargon, these new techniques are merely tools brought about by modern technology and new paradigms of human interaction. At the end of the day these new tactics still need to be a part of an overall marketing effort, and cannot be relied on as an end-to-end solution.