3 Ways to Update Your CV Web 2.0 Style!

Technology has been making our lives easier for some time now, changing how we do almost everything, and that includes applying to jobs. It is true that the internet, social networks (i.e. Linkedin), and Web 2.0 as a whole has made accessing job opportunities easier, but that doesn’t necessarily equate into getting that job. The downside to equal access is the fact that now your resume will be lost in a sea of other candidates. So what is the solution to this dilemma? Easy! Utilize more tech! that’s right, if you want to stand out you have to push yourself to be on the edge of everything new and exciting and this is where some new services available can really make a difference. Here is a list of a few I have found interesting and useful.

  • Essentially what Vizify does is turn your personal data into an interactive infographic. There is a large degree of customization with the capability to connect other social services such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. There are some really cool animations and features that can potentially engage the right recruiter or hiring manager!

  • This is a social based resume builder and career advancement site; it also does have some interactive and graphical features, not as pretty as Vizify but certainly better than a plain old resume.

  • This is a Facebook-powered app that attempts to visualize your social profile. You have two choices, either connecting through Facebook or Linkedin, your choice depends on what type of a visual profile you are aiming for. The Linkedin option provides a more professional looking graphical profile

    ResumUP sample profile